Pet Coke

Pet Coke Suppliers Petroleum coke commonly known as Pet coke has acquired a lot of popularity in recent years due to its extensive use in industrial applications such as in boilers and furnaces. Being pet coke suppliers, we offer an extensive range of highly efficient and superior quality petroleum coke.

Our ability to render a wide range of finest quality of pet coke with high carbon content, low moisture, high calorific value and low or negligible ash content at a rate that is competitively and reasonably priced makes us a one stop solution for availing any type of petroleum coke.

The key technical details that greatly aided in the growth of pet coke in India as well as all over the world and are the main features of the pet coke of Maheshwari fuel chem Pvt Ltd are as follows –
The numerous advantages associated with the use of pet coke has already paved its way into a large number of petroleum companies and many more still on its list to gain entry.

Pet Coal:
  GCV (kcal/kg) ABD Basis Total Moisture ARB Basis Inherent Moisture ADB Basis ASH (ABD Basis) Size (mm)

Pet Coal

8500 1% 0% 0 % 0 - 20